Elite Black Carbon Fiber Ring

reg_elite_9mm_black_carbon_fiber_inlay_ringElite is a flat tungsten carbide ring with a carbon fiber inlay. Elite has
two brushed streaks on each side of the fiber inlay. Elite ring has a comfort fit. The lighter colored carbon fibers show a seam formed by joining of two ends.

Abaolone Shell Rings

IMG_9084_Grecian_abalone_inlay_ringAbalone Inlay Ring with comfort fit Shell is very beautiful, however the shell is not warranted. The shell is fragile if dropped on a hard surface floor or a ceramic floor containing the component silicon carbide.

Aura Inlay Tungsten Ring

aura_9mm_tungsten_ringsAura Tungsten Carbide Ring with 1 center inlay. Each ring comes with comfort fit. This sleek design meets classic wedding band to create a trendy look to show your dedication in style. Aura offers masculinity with a high quality inlay to circle your finger forever.

Bellatric Gold Wedding Band

zir_bellatrix_7mm_zirconium_brush_finishesBellatrix is a brushed finish on regular eclipse ring made from tungsten carbide. Bellatrix wedding ring is plated gold zirconium and has a brushed finish. Bellatrix has a comfort fit in the inner diameter